Monday, February 21, 2011

here goes nothing...

After a much needed & highly anticipated visit from my not-much-older sister, Jenna, I'm giving in.

Here I am, sitting in my Grandparent's home. I adore every nook and cranny, down to the smallest details of a knot on a tree outside in the lovely garden. Sadly, we are selling their home of over 15 years & sorting through all the chaos. It can be challenging but also motivating. As for me, I've spent many hours just pouring over the old love letters that my Poppie sent my Grandma on her trip back to the states as she returned home from serving over seas. I'm on a journey, as they say...and I won't stop believing...Hah. but really, I am. I've been through the ringed and come out the other side, almost. It's a struggle and a chore some mornings. I'm sure we can all relate. To the times when beauty overwhelms or the difficulties consume. This blog is dedicated to just that: My own meanderings & pit stops along the path to recovery while diagnosed bipolar. There have been inspiring and loving people on my "trip," & I thank every last one of them. Including the people at the grocery store who have no idea where I really am, but offer up a smile regardless. Be well. Love, Kate.
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